150ml Portable Essential Oil Diffuser


  • Soundless Design – No more beep when pressing any button.
  • Waterless Auto Shutoff Function – Save the trouble of turning it off manually in sound sleep.
  • No disturbing while sleeping – Light can be turned off with mist mode still on to create a comfortable atmosphere in bedrooms.
  • Compact with Large Capacity – 150ml water capacity to purify the air without taking up more space in your room.
  • Optional Working Modes – Intermittent/continuous mist mode; Certain/cycled colored light mode.

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Product Description

Syntus 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser is designed sleekly and compactly. In addition to keep your skin moist as well as ease your mind, you can place it wherever to decorate the room and purify the air.

How to use

①Take off the cap, add water below the max line.
②Add few drops of essential oil(not included).
③Close the cap, plug the power cord into a standard wall outlet.

Note: Please fully clean diffusers properly on a regular basis as the oils used in your diffuser can be very corrosive and the unit really need to be cleaned up after each use for longevity and performance.

About essential oils

As for how many drops people normally use, it would depend on how much “scent” you prefer and the size of the room. Besides, it varies from different oils people would use.


Material: Upper parts PP + lower base ABS
Capacity of water tank: 150ml
Input Power: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ
Most advanced ultrasonic technology: 2.4MHz
Working time: 4-5 hours under continuous mode and 11-12 hours under intermittent mode

Working Mode:

①Mist mode: Green LED light on – intermittent mode, mist 30 seconds and pause 30 seconds.
Red LED light on – continuous mode, mist continuously till water is running out.
②Light changing mode: A certain colored light mode / 7 colored lights cycled mode.

Package Content:

1 x Diffuser
1 x Charger adaptor
1 x Measuring cup for filling water
1 x User manual

Note: Oil is not inclued.


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