2 Pack Salt Lamp


  • Premium Quality – Extract high purity of crystal salts from Himalayan mountain, elaborately hand craft for stylish decoration.
  • Colorful Illumination – 2 additional LED bulbs included enable the lamp cycle through 6 colors, making a fantastic night. LED produce no heat during usage which won’t affect the function of crystal salt.
  • Air Purifying – Serve as a natural anion generator keeping releasing negative ions to absorb dust and purify the air.
  • Radiation Protection – Emit a electromagnetic wave after lighting up to naturally regulate and suppress high-frequency electromagnet wave generated by electric appliance.
  • Dealing with Stress – The unique lighting ambience contribute to easy your mind and relieve stress.

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Product description

Syntus Salt Lamp extracts high purity of crystal salts from Himalayan mountain and elaborately hand craft for not only stylish decoration but air purifying. A perfect present for friends and parents.

Make a Fantastic Night

There are two additional LED bulbs inside the package which will cycle through 6 colors while powering up.¬†LED produce no heat during usage which won’t affect the function of crystal salt.


1. Salt lamp won’t dissolve under normal circumstances unless it’s not used for a long time or under humid environments which attribute normal phenomenon and will not affect the service life. Please just wipe it with a dry cloth and light it up for several hours to evaporate the water.

2. Please wipe up the dust on the surface with a dry cloth to matain a good clarity.If dust can’t be wiped, please replace a wet cloth to clean up. Never immerse it in water.

3. Please make sure the switch is turned off before use.

4. Please seal it with plastic bag to prevent dissolving if it won’t be used for a long time.

5. Each lamp may be slightly different from the image product in color or size due to natural formations.


2 *  Incandescent Bulb
2 * LED Bulb
2 * Himalayan Crystal Salt
2 * XUANRUI XR-99 Plug (File Number: E365065)


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