2 Pack WiFi Smart Plug


  • Hands-free Control – Compatible with Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant for voice control, customize your commands with IFTTT, giving you the ability to manage your home with hands free.
  • Run Your Home From Anywhere – Whether you’re unwinding on the couch or on holidays at the Maldives, you’ll be able to control connected home devices from anywhere.
  • Schedule your home devices – Allows you to easily set automatic schedules for any device that’s plugged in. Synchronize a lamp to turn on at sunset so you never come home to a dark house.
  • Appear at home when you are away – Helps improve your home security by turning on electrical devices at random intervals to make it look like you’re home even while you’re traveling.
  • Compact, Simple & Smart – It’s sleek designed. Compatible with Android 4.4 above, IOS 8 above phone system; Not compatible with Computer, iPad, SmartThing, HomeKit. DO NOT exceed the maximum load current of 10A. ONLY support 2.4Ghz wifi.

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Product description

Do more with Smart Life

What makes a smart plug intelligent is that you can control it remotely using a mobile app. Through apps, smart plugs are also compatible with other smart home devices, which allows you to use tools such as IFTTT to combine tasks. For example, you could program a lamp to turn on whenever the doorbell rings or when someone enters the kitchen in your home.

Control From Anywhere

Manage all of your home devices in a distance, easily keeping track of all the connected devices from anywhere, and set schedules around your daily needs.

Feel More Secure

Switch lights on/off at different times with timing feature to make it seem like you’re home.

Hands-free Control, Say it !

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant for voice control, turning your appliances, or an entire room on/off with just the power of your voice.

Schedule Your Home Devices

Switch on anything that needs time to get warmed up so it’s ready before you walk through the door.

Small, Simple & Smart

Compactly designed; Works with the Wi-Fi you already have in your home, no hub or accessories required.


System Required: Android 4.4 above, IOS 8 above
Radio frequency: 2.4GHz.
Power: AC 110-125V
Rated Current: Max 10A
Max Load Power: 1250W
Wifi Required: ONLY support 2.4Ghz wifi
Material: PC fireproof material
Item Dimension: 1.85*1.85*0.98in


2 * Syntus Smart Plug


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