Glue Gun


  • Easy to Use – Simply insert the glue sticks, instantly heats up within 3-5 minutes and remains constant temperature.
  • Professional Design – 60/100 Dual Watt, not only fits well for light-duty jobs, but also applies to heavy-duty works.
  • Safety Guaranteed – With high quality plug and cord, LED indicator light as well as the metal stand, your safty is assured.
  • Glue Sticks Included – Comes with 20pcs strong adhesive hot melt glue sticks 0.439in (diameter)*8in (length) .
  • Friendly Customer Service – Guaranteed for 12 months with friendly and hassle-free service.

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Syntus Hot Melt Glue Gun is environmentally friendly with 20 pcs super strong adhesive glue sticks. It’s exceptionally handy tools for professionals and hobbyists in various industries and applications, great for daily repaires and DIY crafts, suitable for materials like metal, wood, glass, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.


1. On first use, attach the bracket to the front of the glun gun.
2. Plug in and insert the glue stick.
3. Preheating the glue stick for 3-5 minutes before use.
4. 60W is best for light-duty works, such as marking crafts, and 100W is great for heavy-duty work like an industrial glue gun.
5. It may keep working for a while after unplugged since the temperature won’t be down in a very short time, so it is recommended to unplug the power cord 3-5 seconds early.
6. Store the glue gun only after it’s cool down enough since the high temperature nozzle may cause scalding.


. Voltage: 110-240V 50-60HZ
. Wattage: 60/100W
. Cord length: 4ft/7in
. Glue cure time: 10-20s
. Material: ABS Plastic & Copper
. Working temperature: 180-200℃
. Nozzle diameter: 0.118inch
. Warm-up time: 3-5 minutes
. Glue stick Length: 8 inch/200mm
. Glue stick Diameter: 5/11 inch/11.5mm


1. The hot melt glue gun is a high temperature product and should only be used with corresponding glue sticks(10.8-11.5mm in diameter), otherwise it may cause damage.
2. Never touch the glue gun nozzle or liquid glue during working since it would be heated up to 200℃.
3. Please unplug if the glue gun is out of use for more than 5 minutes, otherwise the liquid glue may flow back and cause damage.
4. Please do not lay it flat on the desk during use.


1 * Glue Gun
20 * Glue Stick
1 * QIAOPU QP3 Plug (File Number:E328589)


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