Himalayan Salt Lamp


  • Pure Crystal Salts – Syntus salt lamps are hand excavated from ancient primordial salt rock that has crystallized at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.
  • Artistic Design – Natural wood encounter with pink crystal salts, every edge of cube salt rock adopt 45° chamfering craft, combination of nature and modernity.
  • Dimmable Touch Switch – Adjust the brightness to match the ambiance. Come with UL listed power adapter and USB cord.
  • Air Purifying – Heated crystal salt will accelerate the speed of releasing negative ions to absorb dust and purify the air.
  • Smart Technology – Intelligent design – aluminum radiator loop, keeps the lamp working with the most appropriate temperature, prevent from insufficient heating like other incandescent salt lamps in the market.

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Product description

Syntus salt lamp is the greatest choice whether you hold it for its benefits or beauty.

Unique Ingenuity:

Keep its natural lines, adopting 45°chamfering craft; A great combination with a wooden base; Designed as a modern artwork.

Immerse the smart technology into life:

Adjust the brightness with dimmable touch-controlled switch to match the ambiance; The aluminum radiator loop inside the salt rock cover keeps the lamp working with the most appropriate temperature, maximizing the benefits of Himalayan salt rock.


Material: Wooden base, Himalayan salt rock cover
Input: AC 100V~240V/50-60HZ
Output: DC 5V 1000mA
Power: 3-4.5 W(±0.5W)
LED Quantity: 3Pcs


When you first turn on the lamp, its default brightness level will be at maximum.

To exactly control the lamp, please tap the lighting control, hold and release at your desired brightness, making sure to tap the central part where there is a sign of hand, which is the only zone that can trigger the switch and adjust the brightness.

The memory function enables the lamp to stay on the same brightness level just like the last time you set before switching off.

The lamp can be plugged into any device that has a standard 5V/1A USB output including computers, laptops, speakers and other power adapters.

Due to the nature of salt, each crystal salt varies in color, shape, size and weight.

Please seal the salt rock with a plastic bag to prevent dissolving if it won’t be used for a long time.


1 * Natural Himalayan Salt Rock Cover
1 * Wooden Base
1 * USB Lighting Control Cord
1 * HuaJin HJ-0501000E1-US Power Adapter (File Number: E362552)
1 * User Manual


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