SL313B Drawer and Shelf Liner, 12″ x 20′, Grey


  • Strong Grip – Syntus non-adhesive double grip shelf liner has a powerful grip to keep items securely in place. Protects drawers and cabinets from scuffs and scrapes.
  • Keep Drawer Organized – Its open-weave design promotes air circulation and helps protect drawers from accumulating unwanted dirt and debris. Keeps your drawer tidy and organized.
  • Shelves Protection – Provides protection for both drawers and shelves, use it on your shelves to prevent the books, decorations, and fragile items from slipping and shifting, keep things stay.
  • Wide Usage – A multi-functional non-slip liner can be used for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom vanity shelves, office room and etc. It can be freely trimmed to any size and shape to fit different drawers and shelves, also work great for couch cushions, slipping futon, or mattresses. Practical mat for organizing your space and home.
  • Easy to Clean – Remove the liners from your drawers or cabinets then wipe with mild soap or sponge. An easy cleaning way makes the liner keep looking clean and long-lasting use.


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