60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit


  • UL Listed Grounding Plug – Reinforce safety.
  • ON/OFF Switch – Save energy and avoid being burnt carelessly when welding.
  • Temperature Adjustment – 392℉-842℉ adjustable. Fulfill a variety of jobs.
  • Excellent Performance – adopt ceramic induction technology, heat up fast. Plug and play.
  • Better Heat Dissipation Feature – More efficient in heat dissipation with upgraded PCBA with Chip Fixed Resistor as well as steel-pipe design.

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Soldering irons are exceptionally handy and indispensable tools for professionals and hobbyists in various industries and applications. They are used in the electronic industry commonly. Of course, before you begin a project with Syntus soldering iron, you should know how to use a soldering iron properly and safely.

Getting Started:

1. Warm your soldering iron.

2. Keep a wet sponge handy (not included), and after the soldering iron is fully heated, softly scrape it against the sponge to remove old solder.

3. On the hot iron, carefully apply a small amount of fresh solder and coat the tip. Start soldering your components together once tinning the tip.

4. Remove the old solder completely and start with a fresh work area with a solder sucker if needed.


Working Voltage: 110V
Power: 60W
Length of cord: 137.7cm/54.2in
Temperature Range: 200℃-450℃/392℉ to 842℉
weight of soldering iron: 0.32lb
length of soldering iron: 18cm/7.1in
Solder Wire Melting Point: 183℃/361.4℉


1 * Soldering Iron
5 * Soldering Iron Tip
1 * Desoldering Pump
1 * Stand
1 * Anti-static Tweezer
1 * Tube of Soldering Wire


① DO NOT lay a soldering iron down on any surface.
② A smoke would come out from the tip end of soldering iron in a short while when plugged in for the first time which attribute normal phenomenon and would never happen again.
③ Never dry heating the iron which may greatly shorten the longevity.
④ Soldering iron will perform better if kept clean. A damp sponge can be used to clean residue caused by flux material. A very small skim of flux should be applied to the iron after the cleaning


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