SCL30 Slow Cooker Liners, 30 Liners


  • Food Grade Safety: BPA-free material with assured, perfect for food stewing. Suitable for the slow cooker (up to 400℉) and fridge storage with a slow cooker, in addition to boiling, sous vide cooking, and more.
  • Heavy Duty Material: 30 Count 13″ x 21″ size slow cooker liners, made of high tenacity nylon blend material to prevent bone punctures and leaks, will not affect the taste of food, making it easy and safe to cook.
  • Convenient Details: Most brands choose to stack all liners together, resulting in not being easy to remove individually. Unlike most cost-saving packaging, we stack each liner individually in the box and pull it out to use without putting back the extra liner.
  • Only 3 Steps: Step 1 is to place the liner over the cooker; Step 2 is to identify the ingredients in the liner; Step 3 is to stew. Take the hassle out of cleaning cookers in just three steps.
  • Multiple Usage: In addition to regular use, you can also use two lines on the same cooker to simmer two dishes at the same time. It is also ideal for use in scenarios where it is advisable to separate the food from the cooker, such as putting it on a plate to season meat.

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Syntus Slow Cooker Liners
Elegant time saver

Elegant time saver

Steam two dishes at the same time without dirtying your cookware. Saves time and the hassle of washing cookware.

One size fits most

One size fits most

The 13″ x 21″ size fits most cookware sizes from 3-8QT (8.5QT oval cookware is also available). When using a double-layer slow cooker, it is easier to cook by pressing the excess product into the center of the double layer.

BPA Free

Premium Quality

Advanced Material

No Leakage

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