VSR150M 8″ x 150′ Food Vacuum Sealer Roll with Cutter


  • Works with All Types of Vacuum Sealers: This vacuum sealer roll is designed for matching all vacuum sealer machines. Simple operation, convenient to use.
  • Tidy and Precise: 1 Roll 8″ x 150′ equivalent to 9 times the length of the other 16ft. The keeper keeps the roll from scattering and also avoids dust contamination. Cutting with a cutter is easier and more precise than using scissors.
  • Heavy Duty Material: With single side embossed dotted increases suction and prevents bones from piercing; high-tenacity material provides an air-isolated environment and keeps food fresh for longer.
  • Food Grade Safety: BPA-free material with assured, perfect for food storage. Suitable for microwave oven, cabinet, fridge, or freezer storage, in addition to boiling, sous vide cooking, and more.
  • Wide Range of Application: Archive nutrition and fresh from extending the shelf life, storage for vegetables, seafood, ribs, beans, and pills; these food sealer vacuum bags work well for various purposes. Reduce food waste and manage them reasonably.

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6X Longer Food Shelf-Life Lock Freshness

Instructions for use

  1. Take out the Roll and cutter — Open the box from the bottom, and take out the cutter and the Vacuum Seal Roll.
  2. Tear off the roll packaging — Tear the Roll packaging and put the Roll back into the box.
  3. Pull out a section from the split at the TOP
  4. Close the box.
  5. Set up the cutter on the TOP — Peel off the sticker protector on the back of the cutter, and set up the cutter in the white area at the TOP.
  6. Start cutting
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